Ranker Testimonials

GATE AIR 1, XE - Rahul Kashyap

Rahul Kashyap


"My desire was to pursue higher studies (post B.Tech) in prestigious institutes, which essentially needed elevating my knowledge base "next to superior level" and crack GATE exam. At THE GATE ACADEMY, the very first class was extremely impressive, triggered inspiration that boosted my confidence level. Through qualitative teaching pattern TGA has indeed moulded my journey of study into a structured and methodical one. TGA provides very good and motivating atmosphere to GATE Aspirants."

GATE AIR 1, ME - Vinod Datusliya

Vinod Datusliya


"E-Lectures helped me a lot in making a head start in the right direction. It helped whenever I got stuck in any topic. Mock Tests across 50 centers helped me judge my progress both on individual and comparative basis."

GATE AIR 2, IN - Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta


"homeGATE is a very unique feature devised by THE GATE ACADEMY to help GATE aspirants study at their own pace sitting at home. It consists of comprehensive lectures of all topics & doubt clearing sessions prepared IIT and IISc Faculties. It is an ideal self-study material for GATE aspirant."

GATE AIR 4, EC - p akhil

P. Akhil


"Even though I come from a remote region of the country, The GATE Academy provided me with a great GATE coaching experience. The GATE Academy and the internet in combination is the reason why I could attain such heights. The GATE Academy questions and concepts are of high relevance to the actual GATE exam. The Score Booster session provided by The GATE Academy plays an important role in revising the selected questions with multiple concepts. I would like to thank The GATE Academy for providing me with the right resources online to help me secure a top rank."

GATE AIR 7, EE - Shubham Mittal

Shubham Mittal


"homeGATE is a complete package for GATE preparation. The major difference between homeGATE & other video courses is that it creates a virtual classroom environment in which students sitting at home can clear their doubts & queries during on-going lecture. This program is very helpful for students studying in their final year or 3rd year of engineering. Students can kick-start their preparation through the program by learning new concepts & question solving tricks from subject experts."

GATE AIR 8, EE - Gaganpreet Singh

Gaganpreet Singh


"I really appreciate The GATE Academy for making my GATE preparation easy. While working in an MNC I used to get 3-4 hours for self-study. I used to take notes from lectures and attempt mock tests over the weekends for my preparation. That is where The GATE Academy video lectures helped me with in-depth analysis of every subject. Also, the past 5 years of question papers of the GATE exam provided by The GATE Academy helped me practice and get a concrete grasp of the concepts. I would like to thank The GATE Academy for helping me prepare and secure a top rank in GATE."

GATE AIR 2, XE - Manoj N. Dixit

Manoj N. Dixit


"I humbly thank TGA for having given such a wonderful bunch of highly knowledgeable professors from various IITs and IISc, who put themselves in the shoes of the students, understand their instincts and respond accordingly. Their selfless rendering of the subjects has motivated me to accomplish what I have. All professors were so humble that they used to share their experiences with all students openly. The humongous resource (study materials, video lectures, section tests etc) online and offline encouraged me to read the subjects and practice well. The provision of the online virtual calculator and mock tests enabled me to experience the GATE exam environment which, I feel, is an essential requirement for a GATE aspirant."

GATE AIR 2, EE - Mukesh Poonia

Mukesh Poonia


"THE GATE ACADEMY distance learning programs like usbGATE, Video Lectures are really helpful for students staying in remote areas. The study materials, quality of teaching and reasonable course price are boon for me in achieving Rank 2 in GATE exam."

GATE AIR 3, CS - Avinash Krishna

Avinash Krishna


"The dream to follow my interest in the field of research and to get a good rank in GATE was made a reality with the help of The GATE Academy. The GATE Academy helped me prepare from the basic level up to the final GATE exam level with video lectures and test series. They contain a lot of tests & questions which help examine your concepts and understand the DNA of the GATE exam."

GATE AIR 2, ME - Anshul Goel

Anshul Goel


"I like the homeGATE initiative by THE GATE ACADEMY, which has student friendly interface & unique approach to prioritize learning. This course is for both students & working professionals who can opt to study anytime which makes it easy to crack exam, Test series & full length tests helped a lot during the preparation"

GATE AIR 4, CE - Alok Shakti

Alok Shakti


"Courses of THE GATE ACADEMY, study material, and test series helped me in securing such a good rank. Especially The study material helped me in preparing background and basics in all subjects."

GATE AIR 1, IN - Ashish Behera

Ashish Behera


"In one year’s time, I was able to prepare for GATE exam with the help of THE GATE ACADEMY and faculties. GATE Focused study materials and online mock tests helped me know my strengthen & weakness to prepare accordingly. I wish all the best to all GATE aspirants and suggest them to go through GATE coaching in case the basics are not clear."

GATE AIR 4, ME - Gaush Alam

Gaush Alam


The unique classroom session and test series helped me a lot in achieving the result. The friendly faculties helped me in understanding the concepts and improved my time management skills. I am thankful to TGA's innovative teaching methods and the individual attention of faculties towards each student.

GATE AIR 1, IN - R.V Praveen

R.V Praveen


I am Praveen. I got AIR 1 in Instrumentation stream. I want to dedicate this to my parents and to the Gate Academy faculty. Gate Academy coaching helped me tremendously to update myself continuously. I was very impressed with the way they taught each topic in different sessions with separate material for each session.

GATE AIR 3, ME - Nukala Viswa Teja

Nukala Viswa Teja


I have had a great time with THE GATE ACADEMY with my GATE preparation. I graduated from the IIT Madras in 2019 with B.Tech and M.Tech degree in mechanical engineering under a dual degree program. I needed to qualify for GATE to get a stipend and this began my preparation for the GATE exam. The grade of questions in the study material by the GATE Academy helped me tackle the GATE exam immensely. I also watched THE GATE ACADEMY video lectures which are well taught from basics so that everyone can understand. The GATE Academy courses helped me focus on my weaker areas and improve my overall preparation for the final exam.

GATE AIR 1, IN - Thaduri Naveen

Thaduri Naveen


The experienced faculties of THE GATE ACADEMY are very helpful in understanding the concept. Video Lectures helped me in clearing my doubts. Test Series helped me to boost my confident, enhancing my understanding, time management, & realizing my weak areas. I thank THE GATE ACADEMYfor helping me achieving Rank 1

GATE AIR 4, IN - Monty



The study material of THE GATE ACADEMY was very helpful in achieving good rank. The faculties are very helpful and knowledgeable. The Test Series which they are provide have played a keen role in achieving good rank.

GATE AIR 13, IN - Pritam Kumar

Pritam Kumar


I would like to appreciate The GATE Academy for the constant help and support during my GATE preparation. The GATE Academy has done a lot positively for my performance. The GATE Academy with the help of their study materials has helped me to boost my rank to put up a top position in the GATE rank list. I would recommend all my fellow GATE aspirants follow the GATE Academy’s study scheme due to its organized study plan.

GATE AIR 1, XE - Sampat Singh Bhatti

Sampat Singh Bhatti


I took up mechanical coaching at THE GATE ACADEMY as there is no separate coaching for Engineering Sciences in India and Mechanical and Engineering sciences have more or less common topics. I feared that cracking GATE would be very difficult because I started my preparations very late but the counsellors and teachers guided me.

GATE AIR 20, EC - Tridreek Majumdar

Tridreek Majumdar


I would begin by mentioning The GATE Academy and its role in my victory. After being selected by Texas Instruments as one of the 5 Only interns from my college and the three months of experience there, I started thinking about building my knowledge and doing an M.Tech. I should mention the lectures by Mr Krishnakanth of The GATE Academy for Communication Systems which helped me a lot. The GATE Academy has helped me a lot in terms of keeping my fundamentals intact. A huge thanks to the GATE Academy for all the good guidance leading to my performance in just 5 months.

GATE AIR 6, IN - Ramesh Kamulla

Ramesh Kamulla


THE GATE ACADEMY distance learning programs like usbGATE. Video Lectures are really helpful for students staying in remote areas. The study materials, quality of teaching and reasonable course price are boon for me in achieving Rank 6 in GATE exam

GATE AIR 12, ME - Amarjit



My GATE experience was sweeter this time with The GATE Academy. In GATE 2020 I had acquired air 331 but I was not satisfied. The GATE Academy helped me with well-defined study materials to prepare. The chapter-wise test series for the Mechanical section by The GATE Academy has helped me score a better rank in the GATE 2022 exam and get my dream PSU job.

GATE AIR 12, ME - J Kranthi K Reddy

J Kranthi K Reddy


Before joining THE GATE ACADEMY I was facing problem with time management and concept clarity. After joining THE GATE ACADEMY my problems were solved, and I was able to prepare well. I would say any student with least knowledge of basic concepts can crack GATE if he/she joins THE GATE ACADEMY.

GATE AIR 30, IN - Amireddy Bharath Simha Reddy

Amireddy Bharath Simha Reddy


I would like to thank The GATE ACADEMY for such an excellently designed course. I started my GATE preparation in 2019 September and I Joined THE GATE ACADEMY in summer 2020 for GATE 2021. The GATE Academy study material covers complex questions with multiple conceptual applications in such a simple format. The course offered by The GATE Academy helped me boost my confidence and develop a solid strategy for my preparation.

GATE AIR 53, EE - Arihant Jain

Arihant Jain

GATE 2021 AIR 53, EE

My Name is Arihant Jain, I am from Ajmer Rajasthan. I am currently pursuing my B.tech in electrical engineering from SVNIT SURAT. I have to give immense credit to the GATE Academy. The GATE Academy has helped me a lot to identify my Gray Areas while solving questions and understanding concepts. The GATE Academy has played a vital role in helping me revise my subjects effectively. I was able to recall critical concepts due to this effective revision. I would like to say thank you to The GATE Academy for partnering up with me to realize my dreams.

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