Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Theories of Failure

Distortion Energy

Balancing of Rotating Masses

Boundary Layer

Load Life Relationship of Rolling Contact Bearing | Machine Design | ME

Introduction to Heat Transfer | Heat Transfer | ME

Instantaneous centre of rotation | Engineering Mechanics | ME

Stress | Strength of Materials | ME

Velocity Analysis of slider crank mechanism | Kinematics of Machinery | ME

Analysis of Trusses – Method Of Joints | Engineering Mechanics | ME

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Electrical Engineering

Analysis of 3 Phase Induction Motor | Electrical Machines | EE

Basics of Synchronous Machine | Electrical Machines | EE

Three Point Starter | Electrical Machines | EE

Fleming’s Right Hand Rule Application | Electrical Machines | EE

Lenz’s Law In Transformer | Electrical Machines | EE

Thevenin’s theorem Network Theory | GATE Preparation Lectures | EE

Maxima and Minima Calculus I Engineering Mathematics| EE

Phasor Connection of Three Phase Transformers | Electrical Machine | GATE Preparation | EE

Analysis of Auto transformer | Electrical Machines | GATE Preparation | EE

Analysis of Harmonics due to nonlinear core at no load | Electrical Machines | GATE Preparation | EE

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Electronics and Communication

Transistor action in BJT

Diode in Reverse bias and Breakdown

Even and Odd Signals | Signals and Systems | EC

Diode in Reverse Bias and Breakdown | Electronics Device and Circuits | EC

Base Width Modulation | Electronics Device and Circuits | EC

MOS Capacitor | Electronics Device and Circuits | EC

Direct and indirect bandgap material | Electronic devices | EC

Junction Field Effect | Electronic devices | EC

Thevenin’s theorem Network Theory | GATE Preparation Lectures | EC

Maxima and Minima Calculus I Engineering Mathematics| EC

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Computer Science

Pipelines | Computer Organisation and Architecture | CS

Maxima and Minima Calculus I Engineering Mathematics| CS


Instrumentation Engineering

Thevenin’s theorem Network Theory | GATE Preparation Lectures | IN

Maxima and Minima Calculus I Engineering Mathematics| IN

7 Tips to Cope up With GATE Exam Anxiety


Civil Engineering

Declination and Local Attraction

Bracket Connections (by bolts)

Matrix Methods

Sedimentation | Environmental Engineering | CE

Limit State Method Of Design | Reinforced Cement Concrete | CE

Plastic Analysis | Steel Structures | CE

Raw Water | Environmental Engineering | CE

Stress | Strength of Materials | CE

Infiltration Index | Hydrology | CE

Layout of Wastewater Engineering | Environmental Engineering | CE

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Gate Preparation Blogs

GATE preparation was never an easy affair, but it has become more difficult with increasing cut-throat competition. Currently, GATE exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in India today. With more and more PSUs coming forward to PSU Recruitment through GATE exam, the exam is becoming highly competitive.
GATE exam preparation requires a thorough understanding of core subjects as well as aptitude skills. The GATE exam preparation usually takes a long time because of the time required to go through 10-12 core subjects. Besides, a very good aptitude skill is also required to crack challenging questions.
The faculty and experts at THE GATE ACADEMY aim to ease out the GATE preparation process of students by bringing out the best of preparation videos, GATE preparation tips, GATE important questions across streams, preparation strategy. The GATE preparation blogs are neatly stacked into different streams so that students can easily find content related to their preparation requirements. There are technical video blogs which solve GATE questions in an easy way thus saving time during the exam. There are generic blogs on GATE preparation strategy which lets you understand the best practices during the exam, how to handle the crucial week before the GATE exam, GATE exam day strategy among other tips.

Some of the GATE preparation blogs cover the GATE exam pattern and eligibility criteria. It is important for students to understand the GATE exam pattern so that they can prepare effectively. Also, the students need to understand the negative marks criteria so that they can devise a strategy based on their individual strengths. While many students think of GATE exam as a mechanism to undertake ME / M Tech and PSU direct calls, very few students are aware of other benefits of GATE exam such as getting admission to NITIE (a popular MBA with specialization in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Management, and Project Management). It is also relatively unknown that GATE exam preparation can help in IIM fellowship programs which are equivalent to PhD or study abroad in prestigious technical institutes such as NUS, NTU (in Singapore) and Aachen University (Germany) and Technical University of Munich (Germany). Lastly, GATE preparation helps students in their semester exams as well since most of the core subjects are similar. All of these various facets of GATE exam preparation and related items are covered in the blogs.

The GATE preparation blogs are categorized into the following streams -

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Electronics and communications engineering
  4. Computer Science and IT
  5. Civil engineering
  6. Instrumentation engineering

The GATE preparation blogs are completely FREE. You can watch the technical videos, read articles on GATE exam, get the latest GATE preparation tips, post questions for GATE experts and much more. So, happy watching and reading!!

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