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For any serious GATE exam candidate, it is imperative that he/she goes through the gate papers of previous years. This helps the students in planning his GATE exam preparation. The GATE syllabus is so huge that, without meticulous planning, GATE preparation will go for a toss. It is important that students understand their strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly.z

In this webpage, we have provided downloadable links to previous years GATE papers. These GATE papers are available FREE of cost to students.
We strongly suggest our students to take as many GATE mock tests as possible in order to be better prepared for GATE exam.

While you are downloading the GATE papers, it is important to examine the paper pattern

Stream Important Subjects Medium importance Low importance
ME General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics,Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanics of Materials >> Together comprise ~55% marks Thermal Engineering, Theory of Machines, Fluid Mechanics,Heat Transfer >> Together comprise ~33% Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design, Industrial Engineering >> Together comprise ~12%
EC General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Electronic devices and circuits, Electromagnetic theory >> Together comprise ~48% marks Network theory, Analog electronics, Signal and Systems, Control Systems >> Together comprise ~34% Digital Circuits, Communication >> Together comprise ~18%
EE General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Network Theory, Electrical Machines >> Together comprise ~43% marks Control Systems, Power Systems, Power Electronics >> Together comprise ~30% Electromagnetic Theory, Digital Circuits, Analog Circuits, Signals and Systems, Measurements >> Together comprise ~27%
CE General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering >> Together comprise ~55% marks Fluid Mechanics, Transportation Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, RCC, Construction Materials and Management >> Together comprise ~28% Irrigation and Hydrology, Structural Analysis, Steel Structures, Engineering Mechanics, Solid Mechanics >> Together comprise ~15%
IN General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Analog Circuits, Digital Circuits >> Together comprise ~51% marks Network Theory, Control Systems, Measurements, Transducers >> Together comprise ~33% Signal and Systems, Optical Instrumentation, Communication >> Together comprise ~34%
CS General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, Operating Systems >> Together comprise ~46% marks Data and Analysis of Algorithms & DS, Programming and Data Structure, Theory of computation, Computer Networks >> Together comprise ~38% Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, Digital Logic, Computer Organization, Compiler Design, DBMS >> Together comprise ~16%

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