GATE Rank Predictor (GATE Score Calculator) is a tool designed by experts in THE GATE ACADEMY to help students benchmark their performance before the official GATE results are declared. A number of factors have been taken into consideration including, but not limited to, previous years' statistics, student feedback surveys, expert opinions etc.

The following terms and conditions are applicable -
1. GATE Rank Predictor (GATE Score Calculator) PREDICTS the probable normalized marks, score and GATE rank and should not be construed as actual normalized marks, actual score and actual GATE rank
2. THE GATE ACADEMY cannot be held liable or responsible if there is a deviation from actual marks, score and rank received by the students
3. By submitting the data, users are agreeing to be contacted by THE GATE ACADEMY for any future promotional activities.
Other terms and conditions would continue to be applicable as mentioned in our website (

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